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- Are you tired of struggling to understand CUBASE? 

- Do you feel like CUBASE is too complex and holds you back from creating your music?

- You know the basic stuff but don't feel like you're using CUBASE properly?

You don't need to feel that way.

Hi, my name is Chris Selim. I’ve been working as a full-time music producer/mixer over the past 15 years, producing, recording and mixing more than 75 albums. CUBASE has been my #1 DAW of choice since the first day of my production career.

When I first started to work with CUBASE, my first challenge was the complexity of the software. In order to fully understand CUBASE, I had to learn the hard way by looking everywhere for answers to my problems. When I struggled with a problem I would browse the web for hours asking questions on forums hoping to get a quick response or I would read the manual which was not an easy task.

 I felt unproductive and frustrated because I would spend all my time searching for answers and not creating music.

Does this sound familiar to you?

If you’re reading this you probably know what I’m talking about: you start to work on an idea, you run into a problem and don't feel comfortable enough on CUBASE to solve it. So instead YOU SPEND A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF TIME watching Youtube videos and reading articles online trying to solve your problem. 

When you FINALLY find a solution and you try to get back to work on your project, you discover that the inspiration of the moment IS NOW GONE. Your brilliant song idea has evaporated into thin air. So you pick yourself up trying to get back to work and before you know it you run into the next problem and there you go again...

I understand exactly what you're going through because I've been there.

I've come a long way since then. Working with CUBASE is now second nature to me and trust me when I say that there's no better feeling than hitting the studio to be creative and being able to USE CUBASE LIKE A PRO with confidence.

When you get to focus on producing, recording, mixing not only do the technicalities of CUBASE stay out of your way but you feel like it gives you full control and confidence. That's an amazing feeling and you feel like a champ.

LUCKY FOR YOU, I want you to experience that feeling so I have created THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CUBASE to take you there quickly and easily so when you hit the studio you feel like you've got full control working with CUBASE and when you do run into a problem you easily and quickly find a solution and get right back to work.


“I discovered Chris´ YT channel earlier this year while upgrading my CB from 6.5 to 9.5 and learned, that the new version is a whole new world. I kinda binge watched his vids and was sure that if Chris ever does a course or a guide I´ll be part of it. And here I am and can just highly recommend it! ”

Henry MittnachtHenry Mittnacht

“Chris; Thanks a lot for this course. Is an awesome guide for most of the main elements that we need to improve our workflow. In addition, the course has a very practical style and with the continuous examples that Chris uses and with its excellent didactic, everything is easily understood. As a suggestion, it would be great to have subtitles available (in English and in some other languages, such as Spanish) for people who do not fully understand the English language. In any case, having an acceptable level of English, and since Chris is Canadian, his accent is easily understandable and for me (English intermediate level), I have understood everything easily. Summary, a highly recommended course that has met all expectations. Thanks a lot again and keep on touch!”


“I had bought Cubase 2 years ago and have been struggling with it ever since. This course has opened my eyes to the possibility of doing more as a musician. As a Guitar player I cut my teeth using Audacity for 3yrs with the Plugin Guitar Rig5. Youtube was helpful but nothing really instructive enough. I have learned more by watching this coarse for the last 3days then I ever new from watching Youtube. Thank you Chris.”

Allan MacKayAllan MacKay

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Chris has a great way of outlining key functionality of Cubase...and is very good about sharing how he uses Cubase and its various tools to record and create great mixes. I will use this course as a reference for a long time to come...and highly recommend this course to others wishing to grow their skills or finetune their knowledge of Cubase. Thank you Chris!”

David PetersonDavid Peterson

“If You need a jump start to learning Cubase then this is the course that will put you on the road to mastering all aspects of Cubase , any version… i’m jumping ship from pro tools and i’m landing on a solid cubase ground with Chris’s Ultimate Guide to Cubase… Chris is a Cubase Guru !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….Thank you Chris ”

Wes EasterWes Easter

“Finally, a tutorial series that dives right in and tells me just enough to teach me and keep things moving - you nailed it , my friend. I’ve been suffering thru Cubase for months now - and I’m soaring ahead today. By leaps and bounds. Dude, how can I ever thank you. You’ve probably saved my creative life and I am likely going to have a local mixing career because of you. Ha!!! You are a very special instructor within the larger pool of online mix masters. Can’t thank you enough. ”

Randall NielsonRandall Nielson

“This is the 4th Cubase course I've done but the first from Chris. This is far and away the best. I got 3or 4 good takeaways from each of the other courses, whereas I was getting that much from each session with Chris”

Peter McFarlanePeter McFarlane

“Great course! I really learned a lot since I was almost starting from scratch. Thank you for creating this course. I look forward to other courses getting deeper into Cubase, recording and mixing.”

Santiago ValenciaSantiago Valencia

“This was really a good and marvelous guide, nice overview and solid info. Pleasant presentation and didactic's. I would recommend this guide to every beginner and advanced Cubase user. Very good work Chris!!”

John MaasakkersJohn Maasakkers

“Being already a user and having just seen the 60 per cent of the course, i already feel totally inspired and more confident than ever before!everything is so clearly explained and all those little details i've been missing, have already speeded up and smoothed out my workflow!thanks so much Chris, this tutorial is the ultimate must for cubase users (already experienced or not)!”

George PapadopoulosGeorge Papadopoulos

"With THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CUBASE in hand, you will know more about CUBASE than most users out there!"

What you get with The ULTIMATE GUIDE to CUBASE...

  • More than 100 Tutorial videos

    Get a better understanding of CUBASE with more than 9.5+ hours of video content.

  • Get the most out of automation

    A full understanding of how automation works in CUBASE. One of the best tools to enhance your mixes

  • Learn at your own pace

    Stream all tutorial videos in full 1080p HD anytime you want on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • A look at VARIAUDIO

    Learn on how to work with this pitch correction tool to get the best out of your vocals

  • Manage Cue Mixes

    Learn how to work with CUE MIXES to send the best mix possible to your studio musicians

  • MIDI & Virtual Instruments

    Learn how to work with MIDI, Instrument and Rack Instrument tracks to improve your workflow

  • Learn about recording modes

    Get familiar with different audio and MIDI recording options to improve your workflow

  • How to work with Inserts & Sends

    Learning how and when to use the Inserts and Sends in your mix

  • How to be more creative

    Learn how to work with the ARRANGER track, CHORD track and CHORD PADS to get the best out of your song arrangement.

  • How to work with meters

    Learn how to work with the K-System and LUFS meters during mastering in Cubase.

  • Get FREE course updates

    Learn about the new features found in CUBASE 10 and future versions

  • And more...



“The ULTIMATE GUIDE to CUBASE” comes with a 100% risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

I promise that this course will give you the necessary tools to fully understand CUBASE and to gain more control over the software to produce more music with less confusion.

If for any reason after 30 days you do not get the benefits of “The ULTIMATE GUIDE to CUBASE”, just send me an email requesting your refund and I will process that for you. The purpose here is to enable you to maximize this amazing software. If that is not the case with you, I will gladly give you back your money!

Chris Selim - Mixdown Online

Your InstructorMy name is Chris Selim I'm a musician, music producer, recording/mixing engineer, educator and the creator of Mixdown Online, a resource website and Youtube channel designed to help home studio owners and musicians with their musical productions, recording and mixing skills through tutorial videos and vlogs.

My work as a music producer/mixer is renowned in the French Christian music industry, having produced and mixed artists globally in Canada, USA, France, Belgium, and Switzerland. I've had the chance to mix and produce more than 80 albums over the past sixteen years. And remarkably have worked remotely with many of these artists over the internet from my home recording studio near Montreal, Canada.

I work in the most part “ In The Box” using CUBASE PRO, my main DAW that I’ve been working with since I started my music production business 16 years ago.

Get a better understanding of CUBASE with 9.5+ hours of video content.

$89 USD

Get a better understanding of CUBASE with 9.5+ hours of video content.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
  • 2
    Get Around Cubase
    • Audio Connections
    • Project Setup
    • Preferences
    • Key Commands
    • Pool
    • Project Window Part-1
    • Project Window Part-2
    • Left Zone
    • Lower Zone
    • Right Zone
    • Mix Console
    • Mix Console 2
    • The Track List
    • The Mediabay
    • The Metronome
    • Plugin Sentinel
    • The Control Room
    • Cubase 10 - A quick look
    • Cubase 10 - Color Panel
  • 3
    • Audio Tracks
    • MIDI Tracks
    • Instrument track
    • Rack Instruments
    • FX Channel Track
    • Group Channel Track
    • VCA Fader
    • Tempo, Signature and Ruler Tracks
    • Folder Track
    • Marker Track
    • Sampler track
    • Chord Track
    • Arranger track
    • Transpose Track
    • Video Track
    • Cubase 10 - Create Tracks
    • Cubase 10 - Video Track
  • 4
    Recording MIDI
    • MIDI Setup
    • MIDI Recording
    • MIDI Quantize
    • MIDI Editors
    • The Chord Pads - Part1
    • The Chord Pads - Part2
    • CUBASE-10 Chord Pads
    • Mediabay (MIDI)
    • The Score Editor
  • 5
    Recording Audio
    • Audio Track Setup
    • Latency
    • Auto Monitoring Modes
    • Punch IN/OUT
    • Track Versions
    • Recording Modes
    • Recording with folder tracks
    • Cue Mixes
    • Import with MediaBay
  • 6
    • Editing Tools
    • Editing Events
    • Editing Events (Part 2) and extra key commands
    • Snap to Grid
    • Fades & Crossfades
    • Editing with Lanes
    • The Part/Sample Editor
    • VariAudio
    • Audio Warp
    • Audio Warp Part 2 & Quantizing Live Drums
    • CUBASE-10 Audio Alignment
    • CUBASE 10 VariAudio3
    • CUBASE 10 Sample Multi-Edit
  • 7
    Mixing Tools
    • Mix Prep-1-Exporting MIDI to Audio
    • Mix Prep-2 - Routing Setup
    • Inserts
    • Sends
    • Pre-Post Fader Inserts
    • The Channel Strip
    • Pan Law & Panning
    • Direct Offline Processing
    • Automation Tools
    • Automation Modes
    • Automation Panel
    • VCA Automation
    • Analog Gear
    • Mono-Stereo Tracks
    • Sidechain
    • Freezing Tracks
    • Copy FX & MixConsole Settings
    • How to sync Mix Consoles
    • Cubase's Mixing Plugins
    • MixConsole Metering
    • Mastering (Metering)
    • Cubase 10 - Snapshots
    • Cubase 10 - MediaBay right zone
    • Cubase-10 - Latency Monitor
    • Cubase 10 - Channel Strip
    • Cubase-10 - Stereo to Mono
    • Cubase-10 - Side chain
    • Cubase-10 - Direct Offline Processing
  • 8
    Import, Export and Backup
    • Import in Project
    • Export your mix
    • Backup your Session
    • Create a Mix Template
    • Clean up your session
    • Cubase-10 Export
  • 9
    • You did it!


  • What version of Cubase is this course based on?

    You can use this course with any versions of Cubase (7 and up) but this course was mainly done using CUBASE PRO 9.5 with some update videos using CUBASE 10

  • Will this course be compatible with future CUBASE updates?

    Yes. This course will be updated with new features found in future versions of Cubase. Cubase 10 video lessons are already part of this course.

  • What if I want I'm not satisfied?

    Send me an email within 30 days and I'll give you a refund no questions asked.